Homogenisation list

Mailing list on homogenisation of climate data.

Scope of homogenisation list

The homogenisation mailing list aims to strengthen the communication and co-operation in homogenenisation. Suggested uses of the list are announcements on:

  • Conferences, workshops, etc.
  • Important papers
  • Discussions
  • Job opportunities
  • New projects started
  • Requests for data, information, and cooperation partners


To subscribe or unsubscribe is to send me a mail: Victor.Venema@uni-bonn.de.

The list is intended for scientists. In case you expect that I do not know you, please shortly describe your work or give a reference to one of your articles.
Only people who are on the list can send mail to the list. So please check whether the address, with which you subscribe is also the one you use for sending mail.
If you have any questions about the list you can always mail me:

To unsubscribe you can also send a mail to Majordomo@listserv.uni-bonn.de with the command
unsubscribe homogenisation
in the body of the mail. No subject needed. Please remove your signature if you have any, or set an minus at the beginning of a line after the commands; it will also work with a signature, but the mail robot will send you a bunch or rubbish, trying to interpret the signature as commands.

Spread the news

It is appreciated if you could inform your colleagues on the list. To make this easier for you, you can download a small poster or hand-out and a power point slide (500kb) on the homogenisation list.